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AnNataliya1975, 43 года, Россия

Hello!!! My name Nataliya. To me 32 year. The purpose of mine presence on this site of a site - search of true love which will lead to marriage and to a birth of the . I play in what games which are connected to feelings of people. To this question (about construction of my further new life) I...

AnNataliya1975, 43 года, Кронштадт, Россия.

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lenok19_2007, 30 лет, Россия

Я женщина, 30 лет, Ищу мужчину Возраст от 28 до 35

lenok19_2007, 30 лет, Кронштадт, Россия.

Долговременные отношения / брак

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